FTN Gulf is one of the High Tech Solutions Providers in Pakistan with focus on the cutting edge information technologies leading to effective information management for organ-isations.
It is one of the very few companies capable of providing a complete infra-structure to information management solutions for the private and public sector. To achieve this standard...
Projects & Customers
FTN Gulf has been involved with a multitude of projects varying, in size, nature and complexity. We have implemented comprehensive solutions involving Campus LAN, WAN, Security, Unified Communications and Wireless designs. Some or our projects include:

 Multiple Enterprise IP telephony solutions involving integrated Voicemail, High-availability, Secure Voice, Video Calling and Presence...
FTN Gulf searches for best-of-breed product and services companies and partners with them on a variety of levels. Our technology partners provide technical solutions, vertical market solutions and enterprise-class buying power that may not be directly available to small to medium-sized businesses

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